Our Mission

People can enter through many front doors to learn about their Jewish heritage. There are the doors of synagogues and temples, Hebrew and day schools, community centers and Hillels.

However, most Jews in the United States will never walk through any of these doors. They are not inspired to take that crucial first step toward understanding the depth and beauty of our religion. Without taking that first step, they remain uneducated, unaffiliated and uninspired.

The Jewish Literacy Foundation has discovered that these same Jews will allow a book into their home through their own front doors. A creative, inspiring book can spark an interest that the greatest rabbi or educator can't, simply because these Jews will never have the opportunity to hear their words.

Therefore, the mission of the Jewish Literacy Foundation is to promote Jewish literacy through the creation and distribution of quality materials to Jewish adults either directly or through existing Jewish organizations.

By providing essential Jewish knowledge for the world's under-educated Jews, the Jewish Literacy Foundation delivers the resources and tools necessary to participate in Jewish traditions and holidays and to discover Jewish knowledge and ideas.